Diabetes Drug Tirzepatide Holds Promise in Treating Obesity

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The group of renowned scientists stated that they had actually divided 2,539 overweight or obese individuals into 4 groups.

One group was provided a placebo injection when a week for 72 weeks, while the other 3 were supplied either 5mg, 10mg, or 15mg of a brand-new drug called tirzepatide.

Every individual was asked to make sure and take low-calorie meals around 150 minutes of exercise a week. Typically, the individuals had a body weight of 104.8 kg and 94.5% were overweight. Most of the individuals were female and white. Nobody had diabetes.

After completion of the 72-week duration, individuals who were provided 5mg of tirzepatide weekly lost approximately 16.1 kg, individuals provided 10mg shed a typical weight of 22.2 kg, and the group who had actually taken the 15mg lost a typical weight of 23.6 kg. The group which was provided a placebo injection lost a typical weight of 2.4 kg.Around 57 percent of individuals provided the greatest dosage shed 20% or more of body weight.

Source: Medindia .

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